2. Daun sireh (leaves from the betel vine, Piper betle) used with rokok apong (leaf-wrapped cigarettes) and cut buah pinang (fruit from the areca palm, Areca catechu) placed on nyiruk (a shallow tray made from rottan (from climbing palms, Palmae or Arecaceae spp) and bemban (arrowroot reeds, Donax grandis) as an offering for nyemah 2  for the antu laut from along the coast, or on talang2 they use a small model boat, 5 feet long and 1.5 feet wide with the same offering - but i think no problem if no nyemah cos the hantu just like a kid, if you give them they want more, if not remember them they will forget you, a story from an old generation.



or ︎︎︎

I get confused, swept away by Nyemah, a misunderstanding and a divergence.  For a moment that lasts a year, I understand Nyemah as the primary sea spirit, a ritual practice, a small effigy, the name of phenomena, a named entity connected to the island and to the sea in general, a greater spirit than the generic antu laut; Nyemah is a whatsapped drawing of an offering of betel leaves and cigarettes placed on a small model boat and pushed out to sea as an offering for Nyemah, a drawing, a leaf, a boat, an island, all Nyemah. Nyemah is theirs or not theirs only, unislamic, is culture not religion, is the wind that picks up on the day of the semah ritual no matter how calm the sea has been beforehand, so many partial things overlapping. And after a year, my misunderstanding, mistranslation, micommunication refusal to understand that  Nyemah is simply ritual, and