Welcome to Muzium Alam

Muzium Alam is an evolving constellation of stories about natures - plural - in a coastal region at the westernmost tip of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. The site is organised into 4 main clusters:

  • 1000 Logs
  • Nakoda Hitam
  • Rumah Ikan 
  • Alam & Antu

The project is presented as work-in-motion, not a final product. Muzium Alam is a kind of playground to test ideas and bring materials (and immaterials) together. New sections will be added, and the clusters will shift, disappear, deform and reform over time.



Navigating the site

Explore the site in any way that you like - scrolling, clicking, listening, dragging, reading and dwelling awhile.

Click on Muzium Alam to enter the site. 

  • From the homepage, click on images to enter different parts of the site.

  • The pink orb on the lower left of the screen hides and reveals text boxes on the page. Text boxes contain scripts for the audio, hidden links and other stories. 

  • The green orb on the lower left sends you back to the homepage to explore other stories

  • Pink and yellow orbs in other places reveal diversions, amendments and distractions.

  • Some clusters have audio narratives - press play/pause in the green audio player to control the sound. Feel free to use headphones. 

For now, the site is best viewed using Chrome / Firefox browsers on a laptop or desktop computer. If you are using a phone or tablet, please use it in a landscape position for a better experience.